We are a successful architecture and urban design practice with experience in big and small towns across New Zealand, Aotearoa.

About Us ⸻

Established in Kapiti in 2005 we are now based in Waikanae, with our practice deeply influenced by the special, physical geography of the river to sea environment. From the headwaters in the hills of Reikorangi to the estuary at the river mouth, Waikanae’s daily rhythm is dominated by this hill to the sea location.

Our architecture is a response to how people live here.

And it is also a learning. By closely understanding this local place it strengthens our approach to site and brief across any location in the country.

With international experience, studying architecture in diverse city cultures, we wish to build a team that can contribute to the uniqueness of the ‘pearls on a string’ nature of Kapiti’s urban centres, the length of its coastline.

We are keenly aware of the social context and constraints in the design process, understanding that developing a site can contribute to and gain from the character and quality of the neighbourhood and streetscape, and the urban, suburban or rural experience.

Architecture is at the forefront of a changing world.

While we can design the most beautiful and appropriate homes with skill and devotion, our eyes are lifted toward being part of the collective thought, toward housing communities well and enhancing public spaces.

Your home may present as a place of precious privacy, or enjoy the colour and humanity of being upfront and visible in the collectivism of group housing.

We look forward to engaging with you and your family for your private home, renovation or addition, guiding you through the stages of the design process and discovering the special joys in arriving at your unique built space.