What is urban design advocacy? And why does it matter?

This business is the ‘naming’ of work that has run parallel to my architecture practice since graduation, and even earlier, from the day I commenced as a student at Auckland University School of Architecture.

Contract administration and observation of a building contract

The construction of your building is a powerful memory in your experience and it benefits from the support of collaboration with your design professional.

Why Good Design Matters

The reality is this: Architects carry an enormous weight on their shoulders and must be masters of lateral thinking if they want to get anything built.

Navigating the building consent process

The key part of my architecture practice is providing clients with the documents to get their designs consented by their local authority, in order to progress with their new build or renovations. Often the process isn’t well understood, so let’s look at it from start to finish.

‘Our time has come’ – Muyiwa Oki, first black president of RIBA, reveals his shakeup plans

Is it now time for architects and designers to be around the table at Local Council decision-making at the very beginning of the discussion process? Time for expertise and local knowledge to be included for a rounded out understanding of built growth and urban design practice within our communities.

Podcast – Local Architecture Now

Monthly sessions with Rosalind Derby and others, discussing architecture and urban design with a focus on place, community, and environment.

Do Yourself a Favour and Go Find a ‘Third Place’

We need physical spaces for serendipitous, productivity-free conversation.

Formica Forever

Design for a book commemorating Formica's 100th anniversary.

Wellington wins global prize for innovation To Tatou Poneke: Wellington CC 18.01.22

Wellington has gained global recognition and US$1 million in prize money as one of 15 cities worldwide to win the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge.

Whanganui: a Unesco City of Design

Whanganui has been named as New Zealand's only UNESCO City of Design, recognising the city's historic and contemporary contributions to art and creativity.