Monthly sessions with Rosalind Derby and others, discussing architecture and urban design with a focus on place, community, and environment.


Episode 35

On her radio programme Local Architecture Now: Rosalind discusses attending the ‘Disrupt’ zoom symposium described as ‘The Largest Business of Architecture Symposium in the World’ and organised by the extraordinary Sarah Kolata. This brings together the leaders / founders / directors of the most well-known architecture firms, world-wide, for their principles and philosophies in establishing thought leadership in design and business. Along the way we learnt the term ‘Parametric Architecture’, who’s who in designing cities for the Metaverse and the latest in housing design for Mars!

Neil Cotton

Episode 36

Then a month later bringing it all back home to the Kapiti district, talking with Neil Cotton: Architect about our own local piece of ‘parametric architecture’ the pillowy, transparent ETFE foil roof of our Coastland’s Aquatic Centre.