Our design process involves a series of stages that resolve layers of information. You can expect full support, challenge, surprise and delight through these stages, starting with a, no obligation, first site meeting.

Through the language of architecture – light, scale and form, enclosure, view and orientation, warmth, materials and shelter, sense of place, community connection – we reveal the beauty of your building for you, your family, your way of living and your well-being.

We also support you through the challenges, clearly indicate the costs and clarify compliances and planning laws.

In collaboration with our structural consultants and construction contractors, our aim is to sustain the spirit of intention cultivated from the first meeting, and as it evolves along the complex road of decision-making.

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  The First Meeting

This is a special meeting with exciting discussions that determine your needs and expectations. It includes a full review of your existing house and site, or your property for a new build. The character of your property and all environmental factors are brought to light through discussion and observation. We typically give you significant design directions and an indication of requirements for other consultants, i.e. structural or land survey.

  The Brief

We will then provide a brief, the written document recording all the key aspects discussed on site and other potential indicators. The brief is a dialogue tool and clarifies that we have correctly understood your situation, including critical possibilities for the next design stage.

  Fees Proposal

The fees proposal accompanies the brief and covers all stages of professional service, from preliminary and final sketch design; working drawings for building consent application and construction, along with the final stage of contract administration and observation of the building contract; through to completion.

You can select all or parts of these stages of service.

  Initial Sketches

Your first set of sketches will include an existing plan (for additions and alterations to an existing home): up to three options for proposed floor plans at all floor levels; a sketch roof plan; elevations of all wall orientations; sketch of a construction section to indicate possible construction methods; and plumbing and drainage indicators.

We also indicate requirements for other consultants such as a structural engineer, resource planner, land survey, or geo-tech.

We indicate the scope within your stated budget.

The Preliminary Sketch Design stage explores all possibilities early on, to provide your first set of design solutions. These are presented within a two-hour discussion, where we can observe alternatives right there and then or for consideration within the following design stage.

  Final Sketches

This can be an extended period of design and challenging decision-making in which ideas are revised and tested, sketches are updated, and materials, form and site location are resolved.

Consults with both the local authority and a resource planner may be required for significant boundary or height demands. The Final Sketch Designs also allow the structural engineer to provide a design and fees proposal. Once they are approved, we can commence the working drawing stage.

  Working Drawings

At this stage you will receive technical drawings, specifications and select final materials. This includes a complete set of working drawings, specifications and other supporting documents for the building consent application; pricing/tender and selection of contractor; and construction.

It also includes final co-ordination of all specialist consultants’ documentation.

The local authority building office is committed to a 20-day process for approving a building consent, plus further time to complete any requests for further information and office processing.

  Contract Support

Our services also include assistance in selecting your contractor and arranging and administering your building contract. We are available for any meetings on site with you and/or your contractor, throughout the construction contract, to final completion of the build. Our involvement in this stage is at your approval and is charged at an hourly rate + gst.